Gaskets & Jointing

We supply a range of engineered parts including Rubber & CNAF Gaskets, Ring Type Joints, Spiral Wound Gaskets and Graphoil Seals.

When asking for a quote, please supply the necessary dimensions as well as the quantity and material you require or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.


Premium Non-Asbestos

Premium Grade CNAF and Premium Graphite Laminate

Tanged Reinforced Graphite available in standard sizes, IBC Type


Swan Seals C4430 Gaskets

Tanged Reinforced Graphite

Cut Gaskets Tanged Reinforced Graphite


Metallic ring joint gaskets are heavy duty, high-pressure gaskets largely used in offshore petrochemical applications.  They are precision-engineered components designed to be used in conjunction with precision-machined grooved flanges.

Standard sizes in Oval and Octagonal Sections Carbon Steel and 316L available.

Swan Seal Ring Type Joints

Ring Type Joints are also available in both RX and BX sizes.


Maxiflex Spiral Wound Element with solid inner and outer ring.

Standard CRIR configuration available with Carbon Steel or 316 outer guide rings.

316L-316L / G-316L

Outer Ring: 316L

Windings 316L/ Graphite Inner Ring: 316L

Swan Seals Ansi Spiral Wound Gaskets

CS-316L / G-316L

Outer Ring: Carbon Steel

Windings: 316L/ Graphite Inner Ring: 316L

Swan Seals Carbon Steel Gaskets