Back Up Rings

Back-up Rings, also known as Anti-extrusion Rings, can be used alongside O-Rings, T-Seals, Piston Seals and some U-Seals, to reduce the extrusion gap between two-cylinder components.  

Back Up Rings

Their primary purpose is to provide added resistance to enable the seal it is supporting to operate at high pressures, minimising the risk of extrusion, damage and failure.
Suitable for use both single and double acting systems.

They are either of a solid, split, contoured or spiral construction depending on the application.

Swan Seals can manufacture Back Up Rings in a variety of standard and non-standard sizes, materials, and designs.

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Available in over 50 different compounds, see our material section page for all standard and non-standard options.

If the seal you require is not included in our standard range, we can meet your needs by manufacturing the part within the same timeframe.

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