HPU Flange Test Seals

HPU Flange Seals for testing applications

Swan Seals manufactures polyurethane ring joint gaskets for application testing.

Oil & Gas refinery

The polyurethane ring joint gaskets are effective and non-damaging method for testing your gland before use.

The unique shaped profile energizes the seal in the groove under pressure, replicating a stainless steel R, RX or BX ring joint gasket.

Polyurethane test gaskets should last up to 100 test runs at 15,000 PSI.

Reducing your testing costs

HPU Flange Test Seals

Before any equipment is allowed to leave the manufacturing or refurbishment facility, it must undergo several tests.  Although the need for testing is non-negotiable, the overall costs for it can be reduced.

Any equipment that will be installed in the field is subject to prior testing.  This testing is not only time consuming but the materials required to carry out the testing can also be expensive.

To reduce the associated costs, either test procedures need to be shortened, which can could impact on quality, or you can instead look to extend the usability of the materials involved.

Swan Seals has designed a specialised sealing solution which replaces all API ring gaskets (R, RX and BX).  This seal replicated stainless steel and can be reused up to one hundred times for testing purposes, significantly saving you money on your overall testing costs.

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