Chevron Vee-Packing Seals

Vee-Packing or Chevron Stacks are multi-ringed sealing solutions, positioned in rod and piston locations, that guard against leakage in high pressure and high temperature applications.

Vee Packing includes a top female ring and bottom male ring with a varying number of centre vee rings. The material of the different components can be manufactured in the most appropriate material to accommodation the operating conditions of the application. 

Vee Pack Seal

Swan Seals manufacture a range of Vee-Packing and Chevon Seals, using the latest computer technology in a variety of sizes, materials and designs.

Click here to view our range of Chevron Vee Packing Seal profiles. 

Available in over 50 different compounds, see our material section page for all standard and non-standard options.

If you can’t find the seal you require in our standard range, we can still meet your needs by designing and producing specific or bespoke seals.

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