Piston Seals

Piston Seals or Piston Rings provide a seal between a piston and the cylinder bore.

This seal prevents leakage past a piston and seals the system’s pressure from either one direction (single-acting) or from either direction (double-acting), allowing the cylinder to extend and retract. 

Piston Seals

Swan Seals design and create a comprehensive range of Piston Seals, Piston Rings and U-Seals for a multitude of applications, used across all industries. Seals can be manufactured in various sizes and materials, for solid and split pistons, single or doubling-acting.

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Available in over 50 different compounds, see our material section page for all standard and non-standard options.

We can also design and supply more specialist and bespoke products, to best suit your needs.

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